What makes a TRUE DJ?

When meeting with clients, we are often asked “What makes a true DJ?” With technology today, anyone can show up to a holiday event with a set of speakers, a laptop, and an ITunes playlist and call themselves a ‘DJ’.

However, a TRUE DJ has years of experience with musical genres across the board and the ability to read a room full of people and find that happy commonality between them all to provide the perfect setting for any type of party. Holiday parties, and especially those that are company-related, are a bit of a trickier situation sometimes for a DJ/MC.

They usually consist of people who work together, but don’t necessarily play together, and finding that happy spot to help them all let loose and enjoy themselves is something only a TRUE DJ can accomplish. This doesn’t necessarily mean playing specific songs but more how you play them. This means reading your crowd. This means making brief and articulate announcements that make the people feel welcome and invited. This means realizing that not having a ‘dancing crowd’ does not necessarily mean a DJ must try and force them to dance.

A TRUE DJ takes all of these things into consideration and not only fulfills their duties as a DJ and MC, but also looks at the event from a planning standpoint and adjusts accordingly throughout to be sure everything is perfect.

Holiday parties are upon us and True DJs Of Dallas still has some availability if you are searching for that perfect DJ to make your corporate holiday party or private event amazing.

Don’t regret one of the most important decisions when planning your event by booking a DJ who is not a true professional.

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