Audio Production and Voiceover Services

Make Your Event Extra Special With Voiceovers or Custom Audio Production

True DJs of Dallas consists of not only amazing DJs, but top notch studio producers and musicians as well. We have backgrounds in radio, TV, commercial voiceovers, cartoon & anime voices, live and studio performances, and more. We are also accomplished musicians, performers, writers, producers and engineers with international releases on various major record labels, international radio, and even MTV.

If you are searching for voice recordings, radio commercials, custom audio imaging, sound effects, sweepers, drops, music beds, original backing tracks, audio and video conversions, or even studio time to record then give us a shout and tell us about yourself and your projects. We’d love to see if we are a right fit for you!

Digital Conversion

Do you have old audio or video that needs to be converted to digital to save those memories? At the True DJs of Dallas studios, we can convert audio cassettes, VHS tapes, DAT tapes, MiniDiscs, Hi-8 Video, Vinyl, and more to a digital format. reach out and let us know your needs. Custom pricing for each based on time and editing needs.

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