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Dallas/Fort Worth, TX

Looking for an amazing DJ for your venue?

True DJs of Dallas is made up of REAL DJs who’ve honed and perfected their skills in nightclubs, bars, lounges, concerts, and restaurants around the world. While we perform at numerous types of events from weddings to corporate parties, all of the DJs with True DJs of Dallas have their roots in the club and bar scenes; Some with roller rinks and Disco from the 70’s, some in 80’s and 90’s Hip-Hop & House clubs, some in Rock bars and Country honky-tonks, some in nightclubs around the world… and we are still all doing it to this day. One of the main requirements to be a part of True DJs of Dallas is to have experience in this realm. This is where True DJs of Dallas started and will always remain due to our undying love of the art of DJing.

If you are looking for a DJ for a one-time event or a regular residency for your nightclub or bar, or if you are trying to create a new concept for a night or venue, then True DJs of Dallas is where you should stop looking. True DJs of Dallas are not ‘weekend DJs’ who pass out fliers and bring their friends to the gig until it fizzles out and the next one comes along. We are not promoters. We are professional DJs who have also owned clubs and bars and will work with you on branding a night, how to promote it, who to promote it to, longevity, and will we read the crowd each time to ensure it only grows for the next event.

The DJs at True DJs of Dallas have performed at legendary nightclubs such as Staarck Club & Lizard Lounge (Dallas), Rich’s & #’s (Houston), The Roxy (L.A.), Limelight (N.Y.) as well as concert venues such as Bass Hall (Fort Worth), Red Rocks Amphitheater (CO.), Coachella & Bonnaroo festivals, and more. 

If you are in search of a TRUE DJ for your event or venue, contact us to set up a meeting and find out more and let’s get this party going!

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